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This month is Papertrey Ink’s 2nd Anniversary month – and Nicole and crew are having a blow-out to beat all blow-outs. Already Nicole has given away over 20 stamp sets and quite a bit in other PTI product. The first few challenges were easy – just leave a comment on a blog. But the last few have been creative challenges. And I mean that in more ways than one for me!

Color & Sketch cardPlease remember when looking at my projects that ALL my crafting supplies are on a slow boat around the world to Hawaii. I’ve had to beg, borrow, and steal just to make these simple things!

I am hoping that Nicole will accept this one card for both the color and sketch challenges. I had to use paper from my kids craft pad as well as their crayons (shhhh….dont’ tell them!).

Bag ChallengeAs for this bag, I stole the coasters from Chili’s and used them for the accent! Sigh…of course I managed to wait 24 hours too late to post it for the challenge. But I thought you would like to see just how far I’m willing to go to earn me some free Papertrey stuff!

6 thoughts on “PTI Challenges

  1. What a dilemma!!!! If I were working for Papertrey I would most certainly accept this entry!! But what a silly thing to do to put ALL your stash on a boat – I might have snuck some in my bag, but then how much can I carry!!!?

    Love the ‘fake’ card!!

  2. I LOVE your crayon colored card! How horrible for you to not have access to your own supplies and have to borrow from the kiddos. But you are braving the challenge anyway! Way to go.

  3. Honestly! I would have sat down and cried myself into a puddle…….So very ingenious and way to go! – thinking of your kids first and their supplies!! (Although maybe you were thinking of your sanity – which is just as “way to go-ish”!)

  4. I think you did great given your lack of supplies! How long til they get there? I could send you a care package to tide you over! šŸ™‚

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