Going for a Ride

I really love serendipity. I would never have planned this card (at least not without seeing someone else do it first). I have a piece of cheap cardstock that I have cut to 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 that I use as a template. If I’m designing a card I lay the pieces on the template and move them around or make sure they fit (it was what helped me realize my butterfly card would have to be on a different size card).

Anyway, I have a bad habit of doodling on said template – but I try to keep it to one side so I always have one clean side. Last week I traced a spellbinder rectangle die with a copic. Being a copic on cheap carstock, it bled through – but only very very lightly and normally I don’t even notice it…but today – today it was a lifesaver! I had die cut and stamped the car, but that was all I had figured out. As I was moving the car around I saw the frame and instantly this card formed.

I have the hardest time with solid stamps – from every company. I rub with an eraser to remove the residue, I use padding / I don’t use padding, I ink up until my test comes out clean, I hold my tongue just right – but I never get a good solid image. I would love to buy SU’s Medallion but I just know I’ll never get a good impression…so why spend the money? I stamped this image until my scratch paper was perfect (about 8 times) and as soon as it hit the real paper…I get that. ARGH. Any suggestions are welcome.

Despite the inept stamping, I like how the card turned out. It is for my hubby, hence the lack of anything fun girly.

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Happy Days
All supplies Papertrey Ink unless otherwise noted.
Stamps: Enjoy the Ride, Up Up & Away, Wonderfully Whimsical;
Ink: Enchanted Evening, True Black, Fresh Snow;
Paper: Kraft, Spring Rain, New Leaf, White, Black;
Other: Car & Balloon dies; Copics (color balloon), black pen (stitching & birds), white gel (road markings);

8 thoughts on “Going for a Ride

  1. This is a great little scene that you’ve created.
    As for the inking….I don’t really have that trouble….if I stick to the inks that I know aren’t troublesome. I put the ink pad on a flat/hard surface, and then I stamp on to my cardstock on my Martha Stewart craft mat. Occasionally I’ll have an issue – and that’s when I’ll prep the stamp…with an eraser….and a couple of pre-stamps. But not too often.

  2. Ooh, love the scenic background. I have trouble with stamping solid images sometimes, too (don’t do it a lot, if you notice). Besides prepping the stamp as you described & the padding, think it has a lot to do with the ink itself. I haven’t tried it with PTI ink. But I like how your card turned out.

  3. Great card, and I think it’s the ink that makes a difference. Frankly I have more trouble with the “new” PTI inks that anything else. Versamark always seems to stamp clearly and I don’t have much trouble with my old Brillance pads either.

  4. Oh, wow, perfect serendipity–I love the scene you created in the window! And the “stitching” on the hills and border. Definitely saving this to case later!

    I usually have a tough time with solid stamps, too, especially clear ones. I think I was just lucky on my medallion card–although I do use a brayer for pressure when I’m stamping that one. Don’t even get me started on the greenhouse garden!

  5. I love this scene you created, Karen! There are a lot of hot air balloons near me and this is what I see sometimes when I’m out driving! 🙂

  6. Love the scene! You folks with this set are just so darned clever! 😀 Hey, I have the exact same problem with the large stamps. I have found one thing that *sometimes* works for me: I bring everything into the bathroom counter, which is super solid . . . use no padding at all, and pretty much jump up and down pushing on the back of the clear block (I’m thinking CHF Backgrounders here). Usually, but not always, I can get a solid impression. I wish it wasn’t that much work, though!

  7. Well, I really like your scene here Karen! So much so that I’m pretty sure I will be trying it out myself VERY soon!!!

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