Big on Christmas

Wow, between my kid’s birthday and PTA events, my little blog has been neglected! It doesn’t help that when I have been able to stamp, I’m working on stuff that shouldn’t be published.

See, I’m helping mom put together projects for her 12 Weeks of Christmas newsletter. The newsletter starts the first weekend in October, which, since I have the first couple of weeks, feels like it is just around the corner!

My first week will be a card using Big on Christmas. Since I can’t share my newsletter card with you yet, I thought I’d share these cards that I cased from Splitcoast. For this first card, I CASEd this card. I kept the layout & stamp set, but changed the colors. I really liked how the layout was simple and made for an easily mass-produced card.

For the second card, I CASEd this card. Again, I kept the layout and stamp set, but changed up the colors. For coloring the letters on this one I watercolored and did a faded effect. I think it goes with the fun feel of the colors in the paper. I love the right-flush of the layers on this card. And then to have the ribbon jaunt out adds another fun element.

** Photography Tip **

I am no expert. And try as I might to read my camera manual, the stuff just doesn’t stay in my head. Well, I stumbled upon a little button on my point-and-shoot (Panasonic DMC-something) that makes my final image so much better.

My shooting setup consists of a couple sheets of cheap white cardstock and a couple goose-neck lamps with compact fluorescent light bulbs – not to mention all this glorious Hawaiian natural light 😉 I learned about fixing white balance within Photoshop and it produced what I thought were good results. Sometimes my colors didn’t turn out, but I figured it was user error.

The other day my thumb wandered around the back of my camera looking for a good holding position and happened to push the “Backlight” button. Well, I took a couple photos but then turned it off because they seemed a bit washed out (like the flash was on) – but that was just on the little camera screen. When I took those photos into Photoshop and did the magic, those “backlight” photos had better color! I’m assuming it has to do with all the light bouncing back to the camera from my white background paper, but I’m just glad it works for me!

So check your camera and see if it has a “backlight” shooting feature and turn it on – it may surprise you. The obvious disclaimer of ‘results may vary’ does apply, lol. I’d love to hear if it works for you!

Thanks for stopping by!

2 thoughts on “Big on Christmas

  1. love these. There both great cards for mass producing over the holidays. Thanks for the photography tip. I don’t remember seeing a button like that on my camera, but I’ll have to check it out. I’m like you. I can never remember the stuff I read in the manual.

  2. Both cards are so cute! They certainly inspire me to put that stamp set on my wishlist! Thanks for the photo hint, too, I’m going to have break out my camera manual and try it out!

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