Just Personal

So my puppy hurt his leg this weekend. After a trip to the vet he is on 4 weeks of restricted movement (no stairs, no running, always on a leash). He’s not even 2 yrs old yet – he doesn’t do “restricted”, lol (though I’m sure most of that is because I haven’t figure out a training method that works for him).

At any rate, being a full-time dog-sitter (almost literally) doesn’t bode well for my time at the craft table.

I may have to learn to craft at night while my hubby is home to take care of the dog!

3 thoughts on “Just Personal

  1. I hope your pup improves quickly, Karen. My dog hurt her leg when she was a puppy and had the same orders… it didn’t go so well with a dog that only had one speed – supersonic motion, LOL! I hope you get some crafting time in amongst the dog-sitting. 😉

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