Alphabet Comparison

I’ve owned CTMH’s Sans Alphabet for a year or two now. I love that small little alpha. When PTI came out with their own Simple Alphabet, I wondered if I needed both. I was told that the PTI font was smaller. So I splurged and bought it 🙂

There are differences between the two sets that I thought I would enumerate for anyone else wondering.

1. The size – PTI Simple Alpha is smaller. I’ve attached an image below to compare. The CTMH Sans Alpha is on top, the PTI is below. I like the size of the CTMH but many times I have wanted to squeeze something on a small tag and haven’t been able to fit it all, so the PTI set has come in handy more than once already!

2. The actual blobs that the CTMH image sits on are form-fitting to the image, so you can get your letters closer. PTI are all uniformly shaped squares, so you get a mono-spaced affect. However, I have trimmed many of my PTI letters close and have not had any problems.

3. You get 2 of each letter with the CTMH set; upper case is sold separately from lower case as well as numbers. PTI gives you 1 of each letter – lower and upper – and number; however, you also receive extra letters – some as many as 3 extras.