I’m Dirty!

So, if you’ve been wondering what bee got into my bonnet that got me stamping more regularly again….this is it:


Iā€™m still a bit dazed from being asked to be in the Dirty Dozen. I joined Splitcoaststampers back in 2004 and I remember when the first Dirty Dozen was revealed – they were amazing! While I aspired to join their ranks – I am astonished to now find myself in the dirt pile! Thank you so much Lydia!

Viewing the Dirty Dozen gallery is a perk of being a Fan Club Member. I can’t show you any of my creations, but if you join, you’ll have access to all the past monthly galleries as well as the current ones. And just to tease you, here is a glimpse at one of my cards for the month:


Just Personal

So my puppy hurt his leg this weekend. After a trip to the vet he is on 4 weeks of restricted movement (no stairs, no running, always on a leash). He’s not even 2 yrs old yet – he doesn’t do “restricted”, lol (though I’m sure most of that is because I haven’t figure out a training method that works for him).

At any rate, being a full-time dog-sitter (almost literally) doesn’t bode well for my time at the craft table.

I may have to learn to craft at night while my hubby is home to take care of the dog!

Happy New Year

Sorry, no new card for today. I’ve been sick and the past two days and I haven’t been up to doing much but sleeping. But this is a new year and I’m determined to start it right! And by that I mean stamping, not cleaning šŸ˜‰


Tomorrow begins my Guest Designer spot at Paper Smooches (thankfully I got all my cards done before I got sick). I had so much fun designing with these adorable sets!


In addition, I was accepted on the Design Team for CAS Colours & Sketches challenge blog! My first challenge for them will post on Thursday! I’ve been having fun playing – I hope you’ll join us!


Finally, this week also means a return of the For Your Inspiration challenge! Steph has done it again with wonderful photos to get your mojo going. Make sure you stop by on Thursday to play!

Awesome News

I have been having a ridiculously lucky December (remind me to play the lottery this week)!! Today I received some awesome news – I am the January Guest Designer for Paper Smooches!!


Oh man – and I can’t wait to get my hands on the January sets. They are so adorable!!

Thanks again to Kim and the Paper Smooches team!

There’s always something!

Yep, just when I thought I was getting back into the creative mode, my computer dies! My hard drive bit the dust and not very nicely. Of course my backup is over 3 months old, so I’ve lost a bunch of stuff. Thankfully nothing life-altering important, but lots of effort involved in what was lost. So now I’m just using my hubby’s computer to check email until my hard drive replacement arrives (and ugh, it was delayed until Halloween – not much of a good omen, eh?). I am creating cards (I’m *determined* to get Halloween cards out) and I’m taking pictures, but I don’t have my image software loaded, so posting will have to wait.

Much thanks goes out to my blog followers for your patience! šŸ™‚

Bloggin’ Again

We made it to Hawaii! We found a house and are almost done with the process of buying it. Hopefully before too long we’ll be moved in. Unfortunately until we do get moved in, I am without stamping supplies. I must say it is driving me BONKERS! I haven’t stamped since the middle of December, but I keep up with reading other blogs and my mojo is ready to explode my head! šŸ™‚ The good news is that I have many projects that I worked on since I stopped blogging in October so I will have items to post – probably once a week so they will last til I get my supplies again!

Me and My Girls For those of you who like this kinda thing, I am posting a picture of me and my girls. See I really do exist, I’m not invisible, lol.

Thanks for your patience!

Hawaii Bound

Well our move date hasn’t changed in a few weeks, so I guess it is safe to finally publish it. We will be moving to Hawaii on January 5th! I am so excited! This will be a great experience for my young girls. This isn’t a permanent move – just 2 years. But I must say, now that the cold has come, I am so looking forward to warm weather year-round!

I have so much to do between now and then. Since I still haven’t completely unpacked from moving into our current house (which happened a couple years ago), there are things that I *know* we can get rid of. And since we will be coming back to this same house after Hawaii, I don’t want to get rid of everything, so I need to determine what goes with us and what gets stored.

I have been in a stamping slump ever since I realized I will only be able to bring a fraction of my stuff with me. So, as of today, I am officially on break! My blog will be neglected, but only until after we move. Of course, I’ll always be found on SCS!

This beautiful photo was taken by Dan Malewitz. You can see his wonderful work on his blog, Nature’s Wallpaper.

Life’s Little Challenges

Wow – these past couple of hours have been quite, um, interesting. Tonight is the beginning of the VSN challenge weekend over at SCS. Being the procrastinator that I am, I am frantically trying to finish the last couple of challenges. One of which I chose to use baby powder. Not having used it on my children, I was apparently unaware of how the bottle works. So, instead of simply peeling the sticker from the holey lid, I pried the lid off…and well…I’m sure science was involved in this:

And if that wasn’t bad enough, SCS is down. VSN was supposed to start at 7pm ET…that was about the same time SCS went down. It is now 8:15 pm šŸ™ I know the powers-that-be are trying as hard as they can to get it working, but I feel for the coordinators of VSN. (((hugs))) to Vicki and PS.